Pens by Deb


Here's a little info on me...I was born in a small cottage close to the beach in Bright's Grove, Ont. on November 25, 1954 (yes, that means I'm now officially an old dog). Years later Mike Weir became famous at a golf course across the road, but I digress.  Around the age of two, my parents moved us off to London, Ont., where I spent all my formative years. Both of my parents were newspaper people and I have an older brother who went into the news field for awhile. I was the black sheep of the family and decided that my talents lay elsewhere. I trained as a studio musician at Fanshawe College in the early 70's, then went on the road as a professional drummer for about 12 years. In the late 70's I married a man who worked in the Canadian fim industry and I got to do some work on a couple of films. I lived in Toronto for 8 years, then decided to leave that marraige and return to London, Ont. I worked at various jobs until I got back up on my feet, and got my university degree in Anthropology at the University of Western Ontario.


 I met my wife while I was working as a drummer in a band. I continued to play in bands over the years and I still play and sing today with a band called "The TrebleMakers". We have done a number of private functions, as well as fundraisers for various organizations. Currently, I work as a facilitator at a Clubhouse for adults with an acquired brain injury called "Cornerstone Clubhouse". So, as you can see, I keep pretty busy. It is my nature to want to challenge myself with a new hobby every year or so. A few years ago; it was pen turning. This hobby soon became a small business enterprise, when I noticed that people really loved my pens and wanted to purchase them. So, I hope you enjoy perusing my website and catalogue. Please call or e-mail me, if you would like to order any pens.

Deb Wilson-MacLeod

Pen Turner

Deb Wilson-MacLeod